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BC Sled Dog Cull….

Mass sled dog killing probed in B.C.
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1. I see in the comments, some people equating these dogs to cows and pigs. It’s a bit different, in that cows and pigs are eaten, believe it or not. So, if you overstock on them, you kill them and sell off the meat, no?

2. When the Olympics were over, what were you planning on doing with 300 sled dogs, when everyone had gone home and the demand for your service was down? This is also why it’s not the same, pure money making greed meant you took on way more dogs than you needed and now, you’re stuck with them.

Well, that’s wrong, you’re not. Your "manager" culled them. Barbarically, if the reports are true. I for one won’t use this tour company, should I ever decide to go on a sled trip and I can only hope that others do the same.

Canada, eh. It’s not all sunshine and snow, like they tell you in the emmigration papers…..

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