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Water, Water….

So, those transmitting wifi water meters were not just about "making it easier for the customer" after all….

Limits in place for watering systems

Stage 2 sprinkling restrictions have been rescinded and Stage 1 restrictions have been implemented in some areas of West Kelowna.

The Board of Trustees has implemented Stage 1 Sprinkling Regulations (even/odd) as per Bylaw No. 635) on residential, commercial, and institutional customers, and will be monitoring the water use by agricultural customers.

WID has completed its universal water metering program and is now able to monitor the quantity of water consumed by all customers.

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Funny that, eh. Still, "I told you so"….

…. I see the car washes are still doing a roaring trade though, all day, every day. Never mind the veggie plots, you gotta keep those cars clean….

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