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Taking a Break….

Soccer, in Kamloops, is a 2 hours drive away….

Having stopped off at the Farmers Market on the way, stocking up the cooler box, we got half way and found our usual spot….

On the Way...

So, we pulled over, whipped out the camp stove and kettle and got ready for an early lunch.

The soccer itself, was a little disappointing. 2 games, 2 losses. The games were “exhibition” ones, but next weekend, we have a proper competition, where we have to play the same team, not to mention they are the ones in our way if we want to make the Provincial Finals in June. The flaws in the team are evident, let’s see how the coaches respond to what we saw in the matches….

Either way, next weekend, we do it all again….

The Road to Kamloops....

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