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West Kelowna Forest Fire Latest….

The view, from the front, tonight….

Forest Fire 1

10,000 people evacuated or effected, 4000 homes and now over 300 hectares.

We’re still waiting for more news on the Rose Valley fire and how it is developing, although it’s being reported as over 20 hectares and parts are now being evacuated….

Forest Fire 2

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12 thoughts on “West Kelowna Forest Fire Latest….

  1. I’ll be glued to this site.. i live in michigan, but my parents are on Gellatly Road in West Kelowna (Westbank).. they evactuated last night and went to Kelowna.

    1. Teresa,

      I hope they are OK.

      Things seem to be calming down for the moment. I’m sure it’s till dangerous, but it looks like it’s calming down for now. A few fires are still popping up above Gellatly, but nowhere near as many as I could see at night.

      Hope this helps!


  2. I was wondering if anyone had any idea of what the roads were like to travel across Bennett Bridge to continue on to Vernon? I have been hearing that they are limiting the amount of people crossing the bridge.

  3. Laurie

    I’ve been out and about in West Kelowna, but not down as far as the bridge yet. The roads seem pretty clear, so it may be OK. Sorry I can’t be more help on this one.

    Take care Laurie,


  4. hi My names is Cole, yes their is 4 fires right now 1 at Hall road. and west Kelowna and at Rose Valley the glesarola is 450 hectors.

    i will get more calls in myy dad works for the City of Kelowna and my uncle is a fire fighter and i will know more information.>>>>>>>>>>

    Thanks for you time>>>>>>>>>>>>..

  5. […] West Kelowna Forest Fire Latest…. The view, from the front, tonight…. […]

  6. Hi I am a reporter with the Regina Leader-Post and am looking for any former Regina residents or Saskatchewan residents currently living in the fire zone area, who have either been evacuated or are on alert who would be willing to speak to me for a story for today’s web edition and Tuesday’s paper. My direct line is 306-781-5316. Thanks. Stay safe. Hoping for the best for the folks in Kelowna. Anne Kyle

  7. im battling up in rose valley and finerty as of this whole going on with the wildfires umm 40 % contained in glenrosa tryna tackle rose valley but steep terrain is keepig us at bay as we strategize our next move .. other fires ( small ones are being taken care of as I speak )
    ill post more info after

    1. Jon,

      Cheers for the heads up, yeah, post what you can, I’m trying to keep about 8000 people informed, if my blog stats are correct. It’s gone nuts!!!!

      Good luck m8! You’re doing a “blinder” of a job, as they say. Our thoughts are with you.


  8. Hey Guys!

    Hang in there, you are in good hands, as I have total respect and faith for the fire crews and personnel.

    Keep Safe!!

  9. Hey it’s Damnallthebadthings here!

    It’s too bad that it happened but at least it’s all over!

  10. Interesting points here Would you ever consider guest posting on one of my blogs? Nicely done, Steven.

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