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West Kelowna Fire….

Latest view….

The Morning After (7am)

Not much change, so to speak, a few pockets still refusing to go out.

I just jumped in the Jeep and headed round Mt. Boucherie to see what I could see of the Rose Valley situation…

Rose Valley Forest Fire

All smoke, you’re seeing what I saw. A load of evacuations as well as warnings underway for the Rose Valley areas. Check out or the radio station that I’m listening to, for lists.

The helicopters and air support have begun, dropping into the bay down at Gellatly for water.

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10 thoughts on “West Kelowna Fire….

  1. Thanx for the pics and updates! My mum is heavily involved in working with people who have been evacuated to Cottonwoods, so we haven’t been able to speak with her to get much information. We’re in Vancouver, so relying on the internet to keep us informed.

    Did I understand that you live in Rose Valley and have been evacuated? Fingers crossed that your home is OK, if that’s the case!!! Take care.

    1. Paula,

      No worries about the pics and what not, glad I’m helping some people. Your mum is no doubt rushed off her feet doing what I can only say is a phenomenal job. When you can, tell her she’s a star!

      Nope, we’re not in Rose Valley, we’re the lake side of Mt Boucherie looking down to Gellatly, if you know where I mean. We’re not in any evacuation zones….. YET….. but the Rose Valley fire is the worrying one, as it will come up over Mt Boucherie if it manages to get out of Rose Valley and jump the highway. Which also means the evacuation point at the Mt Boucherie High School would need to be relocated, at least, i would have thought anyway.

      Take care Paula, thanks for the “nod” and again, give your mum a hug for us too, when you can as well as telling her to stay safe.


  2. Thank you for keeping us informed. My father-in-law lives near downtown in Kelowna and my partner and I are keeping a careful watch on the situation. Your blog s a great help.

    I am a reasonably frequent visitor to Kelowna from the UK and love your city. I wish all the best for the folk over there on Westbank (yes I still call it that!)

    Best wishes


    1. Stuart,

      No worries! It’s no trouble snapping what I can and doing the odd bit of writing for people to see what’s going on, as best I can, especially for some, as they can’t get hold of their friends and relatives.

      So, I’ll keep going!

      Take it easy, Stuart!


  3. How is the Seclusion Bay Resort doing?

    1. Chuck,

      I’m trying to find out for loads of other people when I got your comment! It’s blocked off at the moment, as far as I know, all people evacuated. Last I heard, the Glenrosa fire is now heading east, towards the lake and I assume, Seclusion Bay. I’ll keep you posted when I know more.


  4. Great blog you’re doing. I’m in Rutland with a tremendous view of the fires. Fintry is unreal…terrible to hear that it’s human caused. I was up all night watching the Rose Valley fire – from my vantage point it looked like Knox Mountain was ablaze. Scary what we see in the dark.

    I was stuck yesterday between the road closure and a pileup in Peachland. I ended up heading back to Naramata and took the logging road to get back in through the Mission. It was a blinding dust storm and a pretty treacherous drive. Happy to be home.

    My boyfriend is a Lake Country firefighter. He’s been out since early this morning and still haven’t heard from him. He was expecting a 12-14 hour shift…they are doing an amazing job! I’m anxious to hear from him as well as what they are dealing with on the ground. As night is falling, it’s frightening again what I see from here.

    My thoughts and prayers are with all who have been evacuated, on alert and ALL those involved with the fight – the firefighters, emergency crews, pilots, volunteers, broadcasters….everyone is doing such a fantastic job and hopefully daybreak will bring good news.

    1. Kalli,

      Thanks, I’ve never been so busy with it, it’s going nuts!

      Scary in the dark, I know. We had a moment last night where I thought the fire was coming over the nearest line of trees. Apparently it’s some optical illusion that makes the fires appear closer at night. It didn’t make me any calmer I have to say!!!!!

      Have you got any links to pictures of your views? I’ll link o them if so. Email me them if not. If you want.

      I’m sure he knows, but tell him, he’s superb, along with the rest of them along with all the support crews and if he wants a beer or 10, let me know, I’d love to buy him one and have a chat. I’ve got nothing but admiration firemen, true bloody heroes!!

      Anyway, stay safe and tell him to do the same!

      See you on the other side, Kalli, take care!


  5. Just some concerns…I have family that are located on Silverado Pl. in Kelowna. Is this in the area where the fires are?

    1. Debbie,

      Do they live in Kelowna itself, or West Kelowna, formerly Westbank? If they are in Kelowna, then no, they are on the opposite side of the lake to the fire, so pretty safe and nowhere near the fires.

      I’m trying to find Silverado Place now on Google Maps.


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