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West Kelowna and Rose Valley Forest Fire, Updates…

I just took a quick drive around as far as I could….

Roads are still blocked so I couldn’t get too close, plenty of smoke, not many flames to be seen, but this is what I got;

Rose Valley….

Rose Valley Tonight 4

Rose Valley Tonight 2

Rose Valley Tonight 3

Rose Valley Tonight 5

Rose Valley Tonight 1

West Kelowna…

West Kelowna Tonight 3

West Kelowna Tonight 1

West Kelowna Tonight 2

Time now is 9pm. I’m off to get a hour or so sleep. I want to be awake for when it gets dark. The interesting time is coming up, as the air crew have to stop at sundown, it’s too dangerous, so the ground grew have to fight the fires. But Rose Valley, from what I have heard is too far in to be fought from the road, there’s no access. Only the helicopters have been going in.

One question I do have, if anyone can answer me, is why have the bombers not been used? Surely there25 odd tons of water, every 15 mins or so would do some good? I hope to have the answer soon.

Stay safe, good luck to the firemen and support staff and I’ll be back shortly.


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4 thoughts on “West Kelowna and Rose Valley Forest Fire, Updates…

  1. Hey there JB! Awesome pics of the fires! We are camped out at B&D’s for a precaution. Was a bit sketchy last night but tonight seems a bit clamer. Love your blog site! Talk to you soon!

  2. PS… There were bombers earlier today dropping retardant on the Rose Valley Fire for a few hours today. I heard on the news that the pilots can start at 7am and only have a regulated number of hours they can fly. Other than that it’s just been a bunch of helicopters.

  3. We can see the large billows of smoke from Vernon. My heart goes out to those evacuated, and to those families taking them into their homes during this terrible time. The fires are expected to grow as they do not have full containment to any of them as of yet. Unfortunately the forecast is dry and hot until Sunday.

    1. Up in Vernon, you are seeing the huge amount of smoke from the Fintry fire as well, I would imagine. The Glenrosa one seems to be improving, slowly, but I don’t know for sure. It could of course change at any time….

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