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This Afternoon’s Update….

Currently, 1.30pm, this is what I am seeing, over West Kelowna….


Haven’t been able to see much, so the pictures aren’t changing a whole lot at the moment, which is no bad thing… Rose Valley sounds like it is getting bigger, half of West Kelowna has been evacuated and smoke is in the air, we’ve been told to stay inside and not do anything to strenuous outside. You can smell the smoke, obviously, everywhere. Eyes are starting to sting, ever so slightly, throats are drying out a little, but we’re hanging in there.

Thanks for the comments and emails I am getting. It seems hardly anything to keep adding the odd picture and write a bit here and there, but from the feedback you’re sending me, you’re finding it useful just to see what’s going on as you are finding it hard to get in touch with families and friends here. So I’ll keep going!

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9 thoughts on “This Afternoon’s Update….

  1. about the 1:30 07/19 picture… is this from your home facing the Gorman Mill area?
    we have family off Boucherie with view of bridge and I really can’t get a handle on how many miles between them and fire
    I’d say a 10 minute drive from Westbank McDonalds to their place.

    thanks for the pictures and updates

    1. Sandy,

      Yeah, the photo is from my front deck facing the Gorman’s site. It is to the right of the photo, about 5 miles away, roughly, from my house. If they are on Boucherie, yes, a 10 min drive is probably a good bet. The thing is, it’s still quite a way off, even though it looks nearer. It’s even worse when it’s dark, like last night, it looked like it was literally over the closest hill!

      Hope they are OK anyway, get in touch if you want more info.

      Take care Sandy,


  2. Do you know how to create a map, under “My Maps” on Google Maps, to show the areas affected? Someone did that during the fires when we were in Disneyland last year and it was really helpful to be able to see exactly where the fires were. I would offer to do it, but I think you have a better handle on where everything is (I haven’t lived there for many years).

    1. Paula,

      I’ll look into it now, see if I can figure it out. It can’t be too hard!


      1. Aha – ask and ye shall recieve – AM 1150 posted up a link to a Google Map that someone else has done – here’s the link:

        1. Paula,
          There you go! I got sidetracked going for a drive round to see what I could see.
          Just checking it out now, it’s a good one.

  3. Hello Holly’s family!
    I tried sending you a post a bit ago but our internet went down again. It has been coming and going since last night. We are located in Smith Creek right smack in the middle of the Glenrosa Fire and the Rose Valley Fire. The Glenrosa fire which we are watching from our front window is raging on, we are 3 KM directly across from that one and 6 KM away from the Rose Valley Fire. The helicopters are flying over and around our home and nieghbourhood constantly, we can see them dump the buckets of water. It’s been quite an air show with the helicopters and planes.

    We walk up to the end of our street to see the Rose Valley fire. It’s quite incredible to see two such large fires at the same time and it’s quite unnerving to be between them.
    We have packed up a few important items and our little Sarah filled her bin with her most precious belongings with big giant tears in her beautiful eyes.

    Thanks for the opportunity to relieve some stress by sharing,

    1. Debbie,

      Good to hear you’re OK. If you need somewhere to go, we’ll fit you in! Let me know if you need the address.

      Scary, by the sounds of it. It’s bad enough from where we are, but you sound like you’re in the think of it.

      Sad I know, about the belongings, we had similar things with the kids, but I kept stressing, everything can be replaced and if it can be replaced, we don’t need to worry about it. I think it sunk in, but you never know.

      Anyway, stay in touch and stay safe.

    2. Debbie,

      Do you have any photos of what you can see? If you can and want to send me some, I’ll get them up the site. Might be good for people to see. I’ve had over 4000 people reading and emailing me all day, from all over the world! If it helps take your mind off things and keeps you busy, it’ll be good. Email, theboomerverse [at] if you want to. No pressure.

      Providing your internet stays up of course!

      Take care,


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