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The Morning After…

I fell asleep at the computer blogging, snapping and Twittering, around 1am! I know I’ve got a few readers with relatives here and are keeping up to date…

5am and this is the view…

The Morning After....

As I type, small fires are flaring up again on the mountain to the left.

So the latest, as I hear it on the radio, 20,000 people and over 6000 homes evacuated, the highway closed both ways.

More to come….

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2 thoughts on “The Morning After…

  1. Thank you for keeping us updated. My grandma lives In West Kelowna on Gellaty Road, just south of the Mcdonald’s as you head towards the lake. I am assuming this area has been evacuated, but do you believe it is in immediate danger?

  2. Tara,

    From what we’re hearing, all of Gellatly Rd has been evacuated. I’m assuming you’ve spoken to your gran?

    Do I believe it’s in danger? Again, from what I can see from my place, no. Not at the moment. The fire seems to be calming. So fingers crossed they have it under control. It was looking a little iffy late last night with flames right around that part.

    I’ll do what I can to keep you posted!

    Take care Tara,


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