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I’m begining to wonder what the point of paying 40 bucks a month for internet access is….

It’s a known fact, apparently, that ISP’s out here on Canada, as well as elsewhere, I’m sure, are “throttlin’ the net”, as they say, restricting bandwidth and so on. I’ve encountered this myself, this week, as I’ve tried to send some files I’ve recorded to Phantomville HQ, to no luck whatsoever. I can only assume something is going on….

When I get through to the helpdesk, much the same as other large corporations, I am transfered to a very helpful tech guy in the Phillipines, who, when we have mastered the language problems, seems to get things sorted for me…. of a fashion, but says himself, “Other than that, I’m at a loss as to what’s going on”….

All of this, when, as I type this, using the wireless connection provided by the library, watching Sam at soccer training, I can access the web from many other places. Add to this the intense surveillance that is coming onboard in the UK, the monitoring of emails and webpages, no doubt elsewhere, too, why, exactly am I paying for this?

“It’s the convenience”, or so I’m told. Being throttled when I am trying to transfer important files, is not convenient.

So, for the $40 a month I could save the cash, and go sit in a nice coffee shop somewhere and use the internet there. Meeting people, having a chat and so on, rather than couped up in my office talking to no one. I’ve already had a lady ask me to go show her how to use her Apple Mac as I sit here. So that’s some work as a “consultant” sorted, all thanks to my new “concept”….

So, forty  bucks, plus tax? I’m begining to wonder….

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  1. Go for the coffee shop. I must admit I enjoy taking my laptop to the coffee shop and working there.
    Of course, libraries are good …. depending on the staff……

    1. David….

      Work? You do “work”? Oh…. I didn’t know, you should have said…. 😉

      The library is good, as we all know, only an hour allowed per day per card though, but with my multitude of cards, I can manage a whole day up there with you lot! I’ll bring my packed lunch when the kids go back!!!!

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