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A Winter Wonderland….

Snow, snow, snow….

After thinking weren’t going to get any, it arrived, with a vengence. Shovelling is going on, on a regular basis right now. The snowfall has been a lot worse this year, possibly the worst since we got here. We’re running out of space to pile it at the moment. If you’ve read Alex Garland’s novel, "Snow", you’ll get an idea of the thought’s going through my mind right about now….

So, news; We’ve had Holly’s play, The Wizard of Oz, which for me, was the best one so far, along with the school xmas concert. School ends tomorrow, for 2 weeks. Sam’s soccer is over until January, The Missus is working full time and I’m tutoring, covering for people.

The other morning, as I looked out the window, at the lake, steam was rising off the surface. At -25C, it was cold….

Steam (1)....

Steam (2)....

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