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The Snow is here….

Well, it’s been forcast for the last few days, but it’s finally arrived….

View of Mount Boucherie....

Holly has been out every moment she can, in the snow, which is a bit slushy at the moment, being that it’s been raining all day, making a snowman in the back yard. She and the missus are now constructing the xmas tree, whilst Mojo hides in the boxes….

A bit of success this afternoon. Sam has been in his room for a couple of hours creating a skateboard and snowboarding collage picture from his magazines. We were going to our weekend swim, but I don’t want to stop his concentration for now. It’s rare for him to get engrossed like this in a creative project, so I think we’ll leave him for now.

On a side note, after the elections, we’re no longer Westbank, or Westside, we’re now, West Kelowna…. mind you, the First Nations, are remaining Westbank. So, go figure that one out…

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