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Rambling, November 23rd ’08….

So, we’re near the end of November….

News from this end, Sam needs braces, $6600 worth, over 3 years, has started his Kelowna United training, who want $1000 for the season and currently has tonsilitis.

The missus has had to re-interview for her job at the bank, as the woman she was covering for has decided not to return. We’ll know more hopefully on Monday. If she doesn’t get it, having had to do a lot more work for no more money, well, the feeling is, she’s had enough….

I’ve been turned down for 3 more jobs this week, which puts our position of buying a house at the bottom of the pile, if not the dump. I am in talks with a couple of people to develop and build a couple of websites as well as waiting to hear about some articles I have written for a couple of magazines out here.

And Holly is rehearsing for her upcoming performance, of “The Wizard of Oz” at the Kelowna Actor’s Studio and coming along with her swimming lessons.

So, not all good news here at the moment, there are people out there with more pressing problems, in the current climate, but nothing I can do about that.

On a more positive note, we got our monthly meat pack from Vale Farms (, the organic meat supplier at the Farmers Market this week. I was expecting a larger hit than usual, being that it is organic and “everything organic is more expensive“, right, so I am constantly being told. We’d budgeted and worked out what we usually get and went for an equivalent order. Imagine our surprise, when we were presented with a bill $40 less than we spend at the regular butcher. So, we splashed out and bought a leg of lamb, something we haven’t eaten, since coming to Canada. Too expensive. And still paid less than we paid at the regular butcher. We’ll be re-ordering next month from these guys, needless to say, everyone else can go to Wal Mart if they wan’t, I’m staying put with the organics thanks.

We had to buy a new coffee machine yesterday, having burnt the other one out. It’s got a timer program fuction on it, which I set half an hour ago and I’ve just heard start bubbling away. So, that’s that for now, I’m off to pour the first one of the Sunday morning and read some of the Vancouver paper.


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