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The Last Game of the Season….

The last game of the season for the house soccer (football to the Brits) and it was a fight to the finish, that had to be won to secure a place in the playoffs. And the "star", nervous throughout the week, shone….

They went down 1-0 early in the first half, the opposition being a good team and it was looking bad, Sam had plenty of chances though just couldn’t find the net. He was fighting hard, which was good to see. But after the parents vs. kids game on Tuesday all the boys were at least digging in.

With seconds to go in the first half, Sam equalised and the game was on….

Second half, he was fired up, determined. But they scored again, 2-1 only for Sam to equalise short after, 2-2. Now though, he was a different player and the fire of winning was well and truly lit. Every chance he got to get the ball and he was off, passing it to Ben when he was able, going through them if he was on his own. He made it 3-2, then 4-2, powering them past the goalie, still missing some, setting up others but giving it all he had. Don’t get me wrong, the rest of the team were digging in two, his classmates, Quinn playing great, "Man of the Match" for the last few games in my book and Addison, almost like a wall in defence, winning almost every tackle  and if he didn’t he sure wasn’t going to be beaten blocking their way to our goal.

But if we were going to win, only one boy was finding the net and running through the other sides defence like they weren’t there. Then it was 5-2. Sam poking the ball under the goalie into the corner. He was putting the ball in the net almost every run now, the game was going to be won and he was taking the team with him. Again, the other team were a damn good team and on any other weekend I would have thought we would have lost, badly, but somehow our boys were fired up, and they dug deep it. They pulled 2 back, making it 5-4, but then, in the last few seconds, Ben, another good little player, having broken through their defences quite a few times during the game, but just not getting the ball in the back of the net, finally did. Final score, 6-4. Great game. All round by far their best game as a team all season. Now, if we can just reproduce this form in the play offs in a couple of weeks….

As you can tell, I, along with Leigh who was screaming from the touchlines, are extremely proud of him after this game. He played the game of his life yesterday and he hasn’t even started with Kelowna United yet. It’s going to be interesting.

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