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Posting Pics?….

Just had a couple of messages from people on Skype, even a couple praying for us to get some good weather, which is nice, thanks!….

… and yes, of course, I’ll be sticking some photos up. Let’s hope the weather is good, at least, for a little. We’ve just heard the report for the next few hours here, in the Okanagan and it’s a severe storm warning. Of course it is, we’re about to go camping….

In answer to another couple of questions, yes, this is the first camping trip together. Sam has done a little with the scouts, Miss in the back garden and me, when I was younger and with my band in my early 20’s, in Cornwall, UK. The Phantom knows what a superb week that was, with many Jamaican ciders, and late nights with a Jamaican drumming group….

Also, I’ll try and post somethings as the days/week progresses. I wasn’t going to take the laptop, but I might. The Missus has already told me to go "lid down" as they say at her work. But I’ll see if I can sneak it into the jeep somewhere. Space is going to be limited….

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