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Saturday Night, Sunday Morning….

Sunday morning and the snow has almost cleared again….

Didn’t last long, although we had a few flurries during the day.

Just got the coffee machine going, the pancakes on, BBC 6Music playing, via the web and sending some new vocal files across to The Phantom, somewhere in Japan. The album is shaping up fast now, May hopefully is still the target for a release.

Soccer yesterday, was a bit of a let down. We lost 2-0, although to be fair, a few of our kids didn’t bother to turn up, probably due to the snow, so we had no subs, meanwhile the opposition managed almost full team change rounds every 10 mins. So our kids were knackered. Sam was OK in goal, he did let the 2 in, but he did make some great saves, one diving at the kids feet, which I was surprised about! And the other team were good, so no shame in it.

Making Smores....

Last night we had a burn up, in the fire pit with some dry wood from the garden and, had "smores"; toasted marsh mellows between biscuits, adding a bit of Green’s Organic Milk Chocolate for good measure. It ended up, in the darkness, just me, the missus and Holly, Sam, flaking out and coming in to watch "The Incredibles". We found him asleep on the sofa. Although she got cold, she said, as we came in, "Well, that was a very pleasant evening, Mum. We must do it again…."

The day is shaping up, Holly has swimming lessons this morning, Sam’s off playing soccer with some kids and later we are off to get the bits for the fish tank. It’s only been nearly 3 years, sitting in the corner, nearly 5 since we actually had the thing working mind you. It’s about time….

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