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NAFTA’s Legacy….

Ah, the North American Free Trade Agreement….

Just reading the papers this morning and came upon this article, which I think sums it up pretty well….

NAFTA’s legacy: the worst agreement we ever signed

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"…..Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada is an energy "superpower." But NAFTA virtually guaranteed that the U.S. would be the beneficiary of our energy, and it unleashed a massive increase in energy exports to the U.S.

Canada now exports 63 per cent of the oil it produces and 56 per cent of its natural gas to the U.S. And because of NAFTA’s proportionality clause, Canada is legally obliged to continue exporting the same proportion of our oil and gas forever even if we face a shortage.

Next up is our water. The U.S. is already officially into its supply problems and it will, over the next 20 years, become a catastrophic crisis, outpacing even their predicted energy crisis…."

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Many Canadians have no idea what I am talking about when I broach the subject of NAFTA and the implications to their daily life. Perhaps now might be a good time to switch your cable off and start educating yourself fast. The page where I found this article may be a good place to start.

And for us? Well, I emmigrated to live in Canada, I didn’t leave to live in the US or for that matter, at their mercy….

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