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Ice Skating….

With ice hockey being the national madness, most Canadians can skate. Having been here for nearly 3 years, we’ve been practising….

Up at the local rink, Mt. Boucherie, every Sunday there is a public skating session. Needless to say, with nothing else on the schedule, we’ve been up there for the last couple of weeks.

Sam’s been skating like a pro from nearly day one, well, winter #1 anyway, but the rest of us have been poor in our up take. Holly had one lesson and then broke her arm, but she’s been a couple of times with her school and has mastered it, getting better each time we go. I’ve got it down to a fine art…. I say art, as in broad smudges, as opposed to delicate brush strokes! Even Leigh has managed to get herself into the middle of the rink at todays attempt.

Ice Skating(1)....Ice Skating(2)....

Ice Skating(3)....Ice Skating(4)....

Don’t think I, or Leigh are going to be entering for the Winter Olympics anytime soon, but at least we’ve finally got our skates on, literally. Mine I’ve had from our first Xmas, and only just used ’em!

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