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What does B.C. mean?….

Emmigration? Is it worth it?

I have to renew my driving licence, after the inital 2 years, for $75 and then every 5 years as opposed to every 10 in the UK. $75 a pop, so does Leigh.

Samuel will need braces from the dentist, which is $2000 to start with, not including the nearly $1000 for us to simply get registered with a dentist and get a check up.

The wages, $9-$14 per hour. They dont want to pay you a fair wage, but they make you pay for everything at a high price, from cell phones, which I think, along with a lot of other Canadians, is a total rip off to concert tickets. (If you read the other post, To work for nearly an hour, to simply pay a service charge, I can’t fathom….. I can feel the anger welling up again…..)

As I was told yesterday, "You know what the B.C. stands for? Bring Cash"

At this precise moment, I have to agree. As long as you leave to live somewhere with a house to sell, giving you a simliar sized one, plus cash in the bank, I’m sure you can have a lovely time. I’m not convinced it can be done if you have no money and have to work, starting from nothing.

Sure, everyone needs to work, I don’t doubt that, but I fail to see the logic in having to work doing exactly what you did, for less money whilst everything costs the same or in our case, more. We’re now looking at having to work almost 24 hours a day, giving no chance of a life, which is not really the point of emmigrating for a better one, is it?

In our 3rd year, I don’t want to spend it watching everyone else, ski-ing and wakeboarding whilst I have to work from 7am to 10pm just to survive. For us, that was not what we left the UK for.

Changes are afoot, we don’t want to feel like we’re p**sing in the wind anymore.

Sorry for the grumpy post this morning, but I felt I had to get it off my chest. Let me know if you want to contribute anything on emmigration and the cost of living, or have some advice on what and where we should go next.

Thanks for listening.


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2 thoughts on “What does B.C. mean?….

  1. Mark! Worried about you! Keep your chin up. We’re potless too if it helps you feel any better…

  2. Mark,

    Yeah, we found the same thing. I trained as a plumber and found I could earn as much as I did in BC but could afford a lot more over here in Saskatchawan. Maybe you should get your butt out here, my friend! They’ll be a beer in it for you if you make it.


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