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Ticketmaster? Greedy B@st@rds….

Finally, a musician stops off in Kelowna, so after 2 and bit years, we can go see some modern day, new music. Great we thought, Xavier Rudd, a great one man/multi instrumentalist is coming to the Okanagan. Grab some tickets while we can. And then we tried to book the tickets….

They’re through Ticketmaster, and they were $29.50 each. Then we got to the credit card processing page and were confronted with a $7.95 "convenience charge", per ticket! What the #$*@ is a convenience charge? And then just so Ticketmaster could wave their exorbitant charges in my face, they have the cheek to then charge me a credit card processing fee of $3.50. So, instead of just under $60 we ended up paying $78.50!

I found a couple of blogs and sites, all complaining about the thing, so if it is for the really tough job of entering some details in their computer how come it needs to be "per ticket"? Surely it means, in our case, you type a "2" for 2 tickets, when you might type "1"…..

Anyway, hopefully my rage at this blatant rip off will have calmed down by then and I can enjoy the gig. Greedy B@st@rds. If you’re reading Xavier, maybe you could book with someone else next time.

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2 thoughts on “Ticketmaster? Greedy B@st@rds….

  1. Well you didn’t have to go.

  2. Are you kidding me? Didn’t have to go? We’ve been pulling our hair out at having no decent gig to go to here (This doesn’t include some of the great unsigned acts I’ve seen of course, just “celebrity acts”). Until I saw that, all we had to offer was yet another bloody tribute band, Rod Stewart this time. Last year it was Neil Diamond and Fleetwood Mac tributes along with BC’s best Led Zeppelin tribute. Or bands for the “youff of the day”…..

    So, yeah, being a fan of this guy, this one I had to go to. Still doesn’t justify a further $18 in a place where the majority of work is only worth $14 an hour though does it. Work for 2 hours simply to pay the “serive charge”? How is that fair?……..

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