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Lazy Saturday….

Last weekend before the kids go back to school on Monday, with nothing much planned….

After thrashing Real Madrid, playing as Barcelona on the Wii, Samuel’s making some chocolate brownies. Holly is tidying her room, again, whilst me and we are supervising the whole show, but we may get our tennis shoes on and have a quick best of 5 on Wii Sports in a minute! Mojo has been out in the snow, what’s left of it, on and off for about an 2 hours, now he’s stretched out on the floor.

We’re thinking of heading up Crystal Mountain later with some sausages to cook on a fire and do a bit of tobogganing. Photos to come if that comes to pass.

Something I added to my list of things to do this year. More pics. I’ve kind of slacked off a bit over the last few months so, I’m reading a couple of things as well as listening to a podcast about improving my photography. Should make a difference, hopefully….

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