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So, we live in a free world, right? "Support the troops" we’re told, "they’re helping spread our kind of freedom and democracy around the world", right?

Brian Haw has been peacefully demonstrating against the war in Iraq etc, outside the home of democracy in the UK, the Houses of Parliment.

I’ve just received an email from a friend in the UK, my so called "mother land". Normally, I would save this kind of thing for some of my other blogs, but it would seem that things are getting out of hand. "It’ll never happen.", they said…. yeah, right….

Brian Haw violently assaulted then arrested at Downing Street today
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…..’without warnings the territorial support group moved in and began violently pushing and man-handling people to the pavement. one young woman was grabbed round the throat and dragged. Others were pushed from behind. brian was miving backwards towards the pavement with a camera to his face when officer U1019 lunged at him deliberately and without provocation. the blow was aimed directly at Brian’s face and pushed his camera into his cheek causing a deep wound.

Shortly afterwards, Brian was snatched from the crowd and taken to a police van, from which witnesses heard him screaming. after several minutes he was dragged out of the van looking very alarmed and frightened, and taken to another cell van where he was driven to belgravia police station.

supporters there are worried for his safety, but after an hour of no news, they were told that he was being taken to see the prison doctor. there are concerns about his treatment during that hour. ‘

If this is what we mean by freedom and democracy, it’s not surprising that "they" are not all that interested in it, is it?

Anyone interested in investigating the assault on freedom and liberty in the UK, might like to get ahold of a copy of "Taking Liberties" DVD (, or check it out on You Tube. You might find your eyes opened to what is going on around you.

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