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So, finally, I was able to get out with the kids, to go trick or treating. What better way to do it, than to throw yourself in at the deep end and get into the spirit of the thing, so to speak….

Trick of Treating 5

Someone said I looked like some kind of Grim Reaper, behind me in the photo, is a friend of ours, dressed as "The Clown", who said abolutley nothing when spoken too, simply waved, or as we were telling children and parents, "my father".

Trick of Treating 4

Much hilarity ensued, as one can imagine, we were out for around 2 hours, there were kids and parents everywher, with houses adorned with pumpkins, ghosts and ghouls of every nature. Everywhere you looked people where getting into the spirit of fun, with bags of candy and treats for kids. Ours went out with a pillow case each and like last year came back with it stuffed with all manner of stuff, from sweets and crisps to pens and calculators!

Trick of Treating 3

(Me and the missus, true love, you can tell, you can see it in the eyes…..)

Then back home for a few beers, some wine and a great cheesecake that our friends brought round, mixed with some deep discussions. All round a damn good night. They finally left us around 11pm and we finally got to bed around midnight, still buzzing. As we said afterwards, everyone was happy, the kids were content with the treats they got, nothing fancy, we all had great fun….. why can’t we all say the same about christmas?……

I can’t wait for next year now, got to get my mind in gear for my next costume.

Trick of Treating 6Trick of Treating 2

Click here for some more photos, or on any of the pictures in the post….. if you dare….

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