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Rare river dolphin ‘now extinct’….

Still, never mind, eh. There’s still Big Brother 102, or Pop Idol, or some other load of old crap on the TV, I’m sure, that will take your mind off of the serious stuff going on in the world….

A freshwater dolphin found only in China is now “likely to be extinct”, a team of scientists has concluded.

There you go, just heard on the news, some “actress”, I can’t even remember her name, I’ve never heard of, has checked in to “alcohol rehab” for the 3rd time this year. No mention of the dolphins though, so I guess some things are more important the others….

You may not agree about man made “global warming”, but I defy anyone to tell me, we’re not helping it along.

4 thoughts on “Rare river dolphin ‘now extinct’….

  1. I take it you are including 24 in your load of old rubbish on the tele

  2. I would include it, if you didn’t take the time or bother to educate yourself about the other more important items going on in the world.

    When the sole topic of conversation in the playground between the mums is who or who has not been voted off the latest “talentless” show, as opposed to the things being done in our name around the world, one of which is the fingerprinting our children, and your grandchildren, I might add, grandma, back there in the UK, I begin to worry.

    And anyway, at the last check, you hadn’t even watched one episode of the superb hit show, “24”. So hush up!

    BAA, BAA….

  3. I take it you are talking about mums in the playground over there? Hey, I tell you what instead of moaning about it all, GO OUT AND TRY AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, instead of wasting your time staying indoors and watching that clown with his bag over his shoulder, ALL THAT VIOLENCE, my god. Long live David.

    Baa baa

  4. I do indeed mean the mum’s over here. I suspect, from conversations with people in the UK, it’s the same over there.

    Who’s moaning? And as for doing something about it, I posted an article, I actively speak to people trying to raise their awareness, as I did for your good self when you were here. Your daughter has joined the fight, attempting to make a worker at the local supermarket this very morning about the benefits of wild organic salmon, as opposed to the farmed variety, pink in colour due to a chemical that when ingested leaves spots on the retina. Eggs are pumped with the same thing to make them yellow, which is why we also have organic eggs.

    I must have learnt all this from listening to Jack….

    “Educating people, one at a time.”

    Over to you.

    PS. It’s a bag to carry around his tools and weapons ready for action, not for a night on the town….

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