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Summer’s Here….

The temperature was in the high 30’s, so the thermometer said.

So, with the day off on July 4th, for US Independence Day, where better to go when the sun is out…. the beach.

Peachland Beach....

There’s no sand but the water is clear and the grass and stones are free from geese poo, which is nice! Plus there are more families on this beach and it’s free parking literally to the left of the photo on the road. It’s never so busy that you can’t park.

Sam was straight in, diving off, trying to impress the girls, with his diving prowess and his tan….

Diving in....

After having to throw her in, as she wouldn’t jump, we couldn’t get Holly off of the low diving board. She spent the next 5 hours, jumping in, climbing out, jumping in, climbing out, taking time now and then to try her luck in chatting the life guard up….

Jumping in....

And then I had a go. The grace, the style, what more can I say…. flying like an eagle. I’m not sure what my arms are doing though, ‘cos I’m not aware of them doing what they are doing at the time….

Fly Like an Eagle, 07....

Favourite shot of the day, check the arms again and the legs. They were tight together when I hit the water though. I made that mistake last year….

The High Jump....

Yep, that’s me off of the high diving board. After seeing a kid of about 5, leaping off, I felt embarrassed not to. Of course, I then had to have another go. Still, we’re all kids at heart ain’t we, and as the song said, “Do something each day that scares you“….

So all in all, a mighty fine day was had. We’ll be back here again before the month is ended, probably at the weekend!

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