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It’s all about knowing where to look….

What a day, what a day….

Grudgingly, the missus dragged me, on my day off I might add, to the local flea market, to sift through other peoples junk. The omens should have been apparent when we went into the wholesale warehouse next door, only to find organic Weetabix, which I haven’t found anywhere else along with boxes of Alpen! Not quite the same as in the UK, but it’s close enough….

….anyway, back to the flea market.

Nothing but junk, as I said, until I saw some wide seat, dining chairs, along with a table covered in some kind of rug, with an expensive cabinet with a missing leg and the glass about to fall in. So, lifting the rug, we weren’t sure what to expect….

The New Table and Chairs....

…. the kind of table we have always wanted! Other peoples rubbish, eh!

So, with a bit of haggling, along with some frantic measuring we secured the table, inking the deal! $320, including the tax, as opposed to $330 plus tax. Not a bad price for a 5ft by 3ft table and 6 chairs.

It’s in, it fits, not as tight as we were fearing and at last, our very first proper dining table. As much as we appreciated the round “poker table thing” we have been eating brekkie, dinner and tea off, now we have a bit more space, to clutter up.

And it suits our organic, recycling lifestyle to a tee…. saving us a fortune in the meantime. We’ve seen a brand new one, not as strong and it’s $950 just for the table ….

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