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Food, for thought….

I know I bang on about organic food, but I remember a conversation with a new mother, when asked about her baby food and what was in it.

“Oh, they wouldn’t put it into food if it was bad for you….”

Well, I’ve long known about the dangers of artificial sweeteners, aspartame being a particular bug bear of mine. It’s in most of the diet sodas and also anything that’s sugar free. I remember drinking ordinary Coca Cola, and ordinary Ribena, but the one thing i did do was CLEAN MY TEETH. I have no fillings, I have no teeth problems at all, neither do my 2 brothers, so it can’t have been the level of sugar, but the care, the responsibility I took in looking after my teeth.

So take a moment, to read the following report, from the National Library of Medicine, in the United States, on the “The effect of aspartame administration on oncogene and suppressor gene expressions.

BACKGROUND: Aspartame (L-phenylalanine N-L-alpha-aspartyl-1-methyl ester) is an artificial sweetener with widespread applications. Previously published results have shown that among rats receiving aspartame a significant increase of lymphoreticular neoplasms, brain tumours and transitional cell tumours occurred. The aim of our short-term experiment was to investigate the biological effect of aspartame consumption by determining the expressions of key oncogenes and a tumour suppressor gene. MATERIALS AND METHODS: After one week per os administration of various doses of aspartame to CBA/CA female mice, p53, c-myc, Ha-ras gene expression alterations were determined in individual organs. RESULTS: The results showed an increase in gene expressions concerning all the investigated genes especially in organs with a high proliferation rate: lymphoreticular organs, bone-marrow and kidney.

CONCLUSION: Aspartame has a biological effect even at the recommended daily maximum dose.

So, erm, next time you are doing the shopping, just check out the ingredients, eh. Avoid at all costs. artificial sweeteners. They might not put it in if it’s bad for, but they sure will put it in if they can make a profit.

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