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Samuel snapped this one, whilst we were in the garden the other afternoon. I was listening to a podcast, whilst starting work on a new project with a friend in New Zealand, whilst chatting via Skype, with another friend in the UK. The wonders of WiFi and the web, eh?…


News, from here is that Holly’s glasses are on, she’s good with it and is only using them when she is in class, so that’s good. She’s got a couple of dress rehearsals this week for her show next Saturday, “The Little Mermaid”, which is going to be good. She’s singing, acting and performing all the time at the moment. There’s been a couple of actresses, breaking into Hollywood, from Kelowna. Evageline Lilly, in the tv show “Lost” is one of our local talents and we have just read in the news of another girl, starring in another show, “The Sopranos”, who comes from here in Westbank. So you never know, she may be my pension fund yet!

Speaking of which, our other little “pot of gold”, is starting to make waves in the outdoor soccer league. He may not be a superstar, but he’s certainly THE man on the pitch. His first game was a 5-2 win, him scoring 4, and this week’s game, which was looking like a major defeat was turned around, having gone down 3-1 in the first 1o mins, to be won 5-4. Again, he saved the day somewhat, scoring a hatrick, including the decider and was on his way to a 4th goal when the whistle was blown for full time.

Now if we can just get him to understand the offside rule….

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