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Fast Food Makes Us Feel Like Crap!….

Nothing like a shocking headline, eh!

Up until yesterday, I was proud to be able to claim, that I had not set one foot in any of the fast food burger joints. That’s nearly 2 years….

Yesterday we buckled, as we were in rush to get from one place to another, ferrying the kids from show, to football to parties….

So, after a disgusting fast food burger, not the usual suspect I have to say, another fast food burger joint, we were still feeling stuffed, bloated and a little depressed (If you’ve seen “Super Size Me”, you’ll know what I mean, if you haven’t, I urge you to check it out….), right up until 10pm last night, almost 8 hours later. And it wasn’t even a large burger!

But to the high point of this whole mess, still a little “delicate” at Sunday lunch time, we thought we’d try something a little lighter. So we had a first go at making some homemade sushi. I say we, I mean Leigh….

Sushi! Home made!

And then, on a serious health kick, we followed up with a fruit salad. I’d never heard of  “star fruits” before, taste a little like apples I thought, although I am open to persuasion.

So needless to say, we have given up burger joints totally. I can’t say I’m going to miss them….

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