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Wolves In The Okanagan….

Local conservation officers have released a few photos of a wolf — a rare sight in the Okanagan. (Read Full Article)

(Read More about Wolves in BC)

6 thoughts on “Wolves In The Okanagan….

  1. Wolf, yea right, looks stuffed to me, you won’t get past me with that one

  2. Well, I don’t think it’s alive, no. But stuffed? Nope, don’t think so either.

    Anyway I got it from the news website, and the news is never wrong, and they never lie….

  3. if that wolf still alive help him wolfs cant die

  4. Myles,

    I don’t know if it was still alive. I tried to find out, but got nothing back.

    Wolves can’t die? What do you mean, give me some more info, I’m intrigued!


  5. the wolf is dead , if it were alive you’d be able to tell
    it looks like its eaither been killed by being shot or hit in the head with somthing. i hate thhoes who kill wolves and will make sure they pay for there cowardness someday

  6. Last summer while high lake fishing in Okanogan county I heard howling unlike any I had ever heard before – drawn out and mournful. I’m serenaded by coyotes nearly every night it is was nothing like that. Very cool.

    I’ve also come across what I believe are wolf kills. Cougar (deer) kills I’ve seen are concealed or in trees. Finding an Elk killed out in the open along with a dead Coyote that had obviously been in one heck of a fight – A WDFW biologist told me Wolves reduce the coyote population and based on what I witnessed believes the coyote was scavenging their kill and the wolves killed the coyote.

    I believe wolves are more widespread in Washington (state) than what is being commonly reported. Two separate friends of mine claim to have seen them west of the Pacific Crest Trail years before the WDFW every admitted there was anything but “big Coyotes” in this state.

    I am happy to see their “return.” Their survival will probably depend on folks getting past the hysteria that seems to go along with wolves. Hopefully a balance can be struck if better minds prevail.

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