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The Okanagan is growing….

Having been here for nearly 18 months, it is noticeable, that the region is increasing in numbers, although I’m not sure it’s actually ready. We have a bridge from Westside to Kelowna, that, common sense would have told me, to get built before now, if the population is expanding. In the summer months, the queue to get to Kelowna is huge.

And then there’s jobs. In the Westside, especially, the majoity of the jobs are in retail, or construction. If the influx of new people are to be retired, as one travle magazine is recommending, I can’t see how this area is going to survive. Houses are being built, top end as well, not affordable, on orchards, fields and any spare bit of land developers can find.

I’ve just got this from the local rag, the Kelowna Daily Courier;

The population of the Central Okanagan Regional District ballooned by more than three per cent to 173,026 in 2006 compared to 2005, and has increased by almost 20,000 since 2001.

“I tell my students I just came to a mid-sized city from the big cities of Toronto and Montreal. I tell them the beautiful Okanagan Valley is the gem of Canada, no doubt, but it’s growing too fast and we have to think seriously about growth,” he said Tuesday. (Read Full Article)

How the Okanagan deals with the problems the future holds, we’ll have to see. But the outlook for this summer, is to expect the busiest season yet.

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