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On Soccer and Hide ‘n Seek….

Saturday night, quick game of hide and seek, only a small flat, but we couldn’t find Samuel at all…. read on….

Hide and Seek 1....

But before that, Sam’s being playing soccer againg, indoor, now in the Green Team. First week, a convincing 10-4 win, this week 8-0! The team is actually a pretty good all round one, with some great little defenders, ready to get stuck in, fast enough to get back when the opposite side get a breakout, with some good little midfielders and strikers. With a certain player, larger than the others, who gets the ball and runs right through the lines like a rhino, "let no player stand in his way" I heard one parent say…. scored a hat trick both games too. It’s going to be a promising season, I think.

Soccer, Week 2....

So anyway, back to the hide and seek.

We checked the flat, under beds, even in the garage. And then we heard the little toerag giggling….

Hide and Seek 2....


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