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So that was Xmas….

Our second Christmas in Canada, we had a white one at last!

Panoramic View 1

(I’ve been testing out some new software, so we can take panoramic photos on the camera and Leigh can get cracking on a new creative project. More news soon….)

We spent the days leading up to it at various other peoples parties, one of which had us meet possibly the funniest Canadian we have met so far, although the entire group wasn’t exactly made of quiet, shy retiring types.

Hosted by the local Mission Hill Winery chef, he was cooking small treats from the minute we arrived to the minute we left, from hand made, home made pizzas, to goats cheese sausages and meats. And he was drinking at the same time. One of his guests turned up with a tuna steak, the size of which boggled our minds, to which he piped up later in the night, "Right, lets cook the tuna!", as if we were realistically going to get a turn! He was a whirlwind of action as he whisked some kind of sauce to cook it in and then was out in the garden, surrounded by snow, firing up the BBQ. Needless to say, it was delicious, despite him being a little uncertain as to what he had exactly added to the sauce.

A great night was had, as we tucked into superb grub and raided his newly built wine cellar! Leigh even ate his mushroom nibbles, a sight I never thought I would see. And she didn’t have just one either….

On Christmas Day, after eating, drinking and trying to work out what the hell Webkins are, we ended up in the hot tub, a year long plan!

Christmas Day '06 In the Hot Tub!

So with New Years approaching fast, it’s time to get those resolutions sorted out.

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