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The Exhibition….

And so the day of the exhibition arrived. After months of glorious summer weather, temperatures in the high 30’s, was it too much to expect a great day for an outdoor display of sculptures, paintings and other craftwork….

Exhibition Pieces (3) ....

Of course it was!

That’s to say it was looking a little dodgy with 2 hours to go, as rain was seen coming up through the valley, with the sun nowhere in sight.

Luckily though, the gods prevailed and the sun came out, coinciding with the first punter!

Exhibition Pieces (2) ....

But apart from that, the first exhibition was a success. Many items have been sold and the stocks will need to be replenished for the next one in a couple of months. Leigh’s cards have all but sold out, especially the sunflower ones, and she is now getting the bug. “I could sell these next time.” she has been saying pulling all sorts of artwork even  have not seen.

Exhibition Pieces (1) ....

For more photos of the exhibition, click here or visit our Flick photo album, by clicking on any of the photos on the blog. If you want to buy any of Leigh’s pictures, visit our Gallery page, or send us an email.

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