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Who Wants to be a Millionaire?….

How do you keep a 9 year old boy occupied? I’ve played cricket, volleyball, been in the pool, begun teaching him the guitar and still he says he’s bored….

So I discovered something he could have a go at. Be an entrepreneur and start earning his keep!!

So, after getting him reading a Rich Kid, Poor Kid book from the library, Samuel has been hard at work seting up his new online shop, selling t-shirts, mousemats, coffee mugs and g-strings!

Now his Dad has to work out how to promote it with him. I thought I was going to get some peace for a bit, letting him use the laptop in his bedroom/office, it seems like I just made it worse! Now his Mum wants to do a different one to sell her gear too!

Use the links to his shop on the sidebar, or go click here.

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