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Monsters and Creatures Everywhere….

We’re officially on black bear watch here on the Westside. One has been seen at the end of the road by one of Holly’s friend, ambling through the horses field, but it true fashion, not by any of us. We sat up drinking beer and wine with one of the neighbours last night, in the feint hope that one might find it’s way into the back garden, or at least along the ridge up behind the garden. No news as yet I’m afraid readers. We are beginning to wonder…. So I added a picture of one of BC’s other mythical creature. Look at those teeth….

 The Ogopogo....

Close relative of the Loch Ness monster, the Okanagan has it’s very own "monster". Mysterious sightings, boat disappearances and much more besides. But like the fabled "bear", we haven’t seen it yet…..

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1 thought on “Monsters and Creatures Everywhere….

  1. Seems the place to live is Whistler for bears, there has been a couple of programmes on over here called “Bear Watch”, loads of em roaming the area snacking on greenary and of course the odd rubbish bin. The bear patrol chased one up a tree, it was HUGE, right outside someones window, he soon scrambled back down with the use of a cracker that is shot out of a gun especially for this sort of thing.

    Samuel, how is the business going, I will order something soon, guess what I have seen over here HEELEYS, someone went charging through the shopping centre on a pair the other day.



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