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First Crops ’06….

Firstly a big thanks to everyone from around the world who got in touch with answers to the problems we had in the Organic Garden. Kathy in New Zealand came through with the correct solution first, although she was by no means the only one. Prizes are in the post….

First Crop of 2006....Lack of calcium in the soil seems to have been the problem, which we managed to solve in time it would seem to reap some produce from the hard work.

This was all we had left before I was reminded that a photo could be put on the blog, but I can say, the tomatoes are my favourite so far. Compared to the insipid bags of water that the supermarket is churning out, these are juicy and full of flavour. More to come….

Other news, Leigh has finished a second deck in the back garden, which is bigger than the first one, maybe not as cosy as yet but she’s now got to try and find, or "excavate" some rocks to landscape the thing.

The kids have about 2 weeks of summer holiday left. Where has nearly 2 months gone?

I’m still trading, getting better as the days go on, despite a number of what can only be described as "large hits" setting me back at the beginning of August.

And the 1 Year Anniversary is on the horizon….

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