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Holly’s 7th Birthday Party….

So our little princess is now 7. Who would have thought she would have made it this far! (She’s still a little madam, which, if I’m not mistaken was told at various times "Oh, that’ll be the terrible two’s. It’ll pass!’)

The crown in the photo was made by our friend, from flowers and leaves in her garden. It’s been dried out now and hangs in Holly’s bedroom.


As usual, what to do? Well, if you are short of ideas, who better to consult than the Fairy Godmother. And better still, she’s even in the phone book!

Holly & her Fairy Godmother

So, coming highly recommended, all duties where handed over to her, whereby everything from the invitations to the party bags where taken care of. The Princesses and Princes Party was on.

She arrived, and set about the kids making things, from "wish pots" to candy kebabs, by way of crown making, face painting and of course, the obligatory pass the princess parcel. Food was served at the "Princess Banquet" followed by the Fairy God Mum leading the procession for the handing over of the gifts. Then she was off.

The 2 hours of a birthday have never seemed to fly by as quickly.

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