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Astonishing doesn’t even come close….

What choice did I have? On my reading of the weekend news via the BBC website, I happened upon 2 pieces of news that I find both confusing and disturbing, and felt the need to post to the blog for others to discover.

It would appear that, yet again, the sorry excuse for a government in the UK have passed the buck to the good old British public. With crime, coming from the "horses mouth", now totally out of control in the UK, stabbings nearly every week, shootings and so on, the people elected to lead the country, who extolled their "tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime", are going to try and lay the responsibility squarely at the feet of the British public. It appears what they actually meant was "crime’s  tough, and a bit too tough for us to deal with the causes of crime." It seems the one thing you can always count on, is these idiots to be incapable of making a decision. As far as I was aware, the government and the police were supposed to protect the public, as in their "job descriptions". And we are apparently, if you can make sense of it, in the eyes of the "leaders", I use the term loosely, moaning about the problems!?!?

People should "stop moaning" and help tackle anti-social behaviour in their own area, the government may suggest.

And yet, on the same day, a 75 year old man, on confronting the yobs, as instructed to do by the elected government, has died. Who is now going to be tough on this particular crime? Who is going to be tough on the cause of this particular crime?

A 75-year-old man has died after he confronted three teenagers who were causing a disturbance outside his home.

If any one can clear this up for me, I really would appreciate it. I have an open mind and all suggestions are accepted.

Perhaps, all you readers in the UK, and any of you with relatives in the UK might like to remember, that the law belongs to you. Not the government, not the police, but the law abiding public.

Surely this is the road to vigilantism. All we need now is a special signal to illuminate the skies in our times of  darkest trouble, to call upon the services of certain Dark Knight and we can have crime on the run.

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