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Blogging from the poolside….

What? I thought you were in Canada? Isn't it cold there?

No, we don't all live in igloos out here! The temperature is climbing again! It's 27 degrees and the sun is out.

In the Pool....

Our neighbour has kindly allowed us access to his pool as he is hardly ever in, so we shall make the most of it. Expect more blog postings from the poolside! If I put a few laps in, I might even be able to shed a few pounds….

I am going to be starting a mailbag feature soon, posting some more of the questions I have been sent since arriving here with what we have found in answer to them. I did start to do it, but lack of time meant I couldn't get around to putting them up on the blog for others to see. Leigh is getting proficient in the new blog, and other bits of technology, so she is taking over some of the admin duties along with other web developments we have in the pipeline.

Leigh has been a little overwhelmed herself with the response to her "vine weaving". The pics of the sculptures should be up on the blog soon, although orders are such that you may have to go on the waiting list I am afraid. The current batch of "vine globes" are sold out and production is in full swing for the upcoming exhibition at Coyote Vineyard. Another 3 have been sold today. At this rate, I may be able to retire….

School for the kids and my tutoring is coming to an end this month. The summer holidays here last until September. Luckily we have the pool and the lake.

If you want me to tutor anyone you know, do get in touch ASAP. I am now taking bookings for the start of term in September and am already running out of slots. If you would like more info on how I go about tutoring via the wonders of the web drop me an email,

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  1. Hi, I’m dakota..
    I’m another blogger, haha.
    Actually just a silly creative teenager but anyway,
    I like your blog, really nice features and the clearness of your sons birthday photo was cool too,
    I update my blog a lot, I have some constant readers, and other times.. well.. I just write down my stupid thoughts and ideas.
    So where did you come from? new zealand by any chance?
    What a cool family.
    If you want you can add me to your links ^_^

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