Sam’s birthday today, he’s now 9. It’s unbelievable, much as all other parents say when they look back at how far they have come with their kids.

Sam's 9th Birthday

I can’t really remember what it was like before he or Holly arrived but now to see the little baby I held in my arms one day in Richmond, now a strapping 9 year old boy, well, time flies, does’nt it.

He got amongst other things, a boat, inflatable from me and Leigh, some camping bits and bobs from Holly, an Arsenal ’06 shirt from his Nan, a new pocket knife from his other nan and grandad and a Spiderman book from one of his uncles, (which I have to say his father has had a real good look through!).

We’re off to the pool for his party, let someone else entertain them this year.

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