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Live! Bald Eagles are nesting….

When Doug Carrick retired to live on his secluded Hornby Island property, (a gulf island, between the mainland and Vancouver Island), he had no idea that a pair of nesting bald eagles would bring the world into his backyard.

The website which began operating March 27, has already had a big response: Bloggers have picked up on it, and there have been calls from Venezuela and the U.S.A from people wondering about using similar technology to watch other birds. The web site has drawn up to two million viewers a day, and an average simultaneous connection count of 4,500 viewers.

Carrick says the female dominates the nest, but the male takes his turn every hour and a half to sit on the two eggs. The camera also picks up the sound of the couple squabbling over who gets to decorate the nest with new sticks.

The eagles are oblivious to the camera, making website visitors bystanders to the birds’ daily routine. The images are live from sunrise to sunset; when it gets dark, taped footage from earlier in the day is played. Be patient. The images are sent in Windoze Media Player instead of the more productive QuickTime format, but you will eventually see them (waits of up to 5 minutes have been reported).

Visit Doug Carrick’s site, click on the link at the top of the page, and join thousands of others viewing the nest. Go To:

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