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My 34th Birthday, in Canada……

Well, I have reached the ripe old age of 34! Still not sure what I want to do with myself, so wisdom may have passed me by for another year. I’ll keep an eye out for it this year, see if I can catch a quick glimpse!

What else is there for a grown man of my age to do on his birthday? Go tubing of course! With all the snow around, it was a must. So hot chocolates in flasks, snow gear on, we ventured forth to Big White! Mum and Dad too.

“Tubing”, as the Canadians have dubbed it, is the act of throwing yourself solo, or as a group down specially carved slopes, some slow some fast, in nohing more than inflatable tyres. (Big White has the biggest of these tubing runs in America, apparently. Check out the website.)

So, amazingly without any form of crash helmet, considering their strict policy on cyclists, a fun filled 2 hours was had, as a giant kid, his son, daughter and missus, hurtled down numerous runs, in a “train”, in a “spinning circle” and head first. What else is there to do on your birthday?

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