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Kelowna Hospital……

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.” ~ Irish Proverb

So, there was I thinking it would have to be one of the kids who experienced the local hospital, only to find myself, on Friday morning, whilst preparing to go to work at 5am, flat on my back, on the kitchen floor. Dad, apparently saw me come around the side of the fridge, and then keel over, my head, or more precisely the part just above my eye, coming in direct contact with the sofa! I came around about a minute later, after they had tried to bring me round, to find Leigh and the kids standing over me, trying to wake me up. What happened I have no idea, but as usual, the old man although calm was in a bit of heightened state of stress you may say, and was getting ready to take to hospital.

We got there around 6.15am, after he drove as fast as he could, as you can imagine, and within about 30mins, I found myself, in a bed, hooked up to a heart monitor and getting ready for x-rays of my lungs, blood tests and more heart monitors. Strange! (The lady who took the blood tests, I have to say, was THE best I have yet had to encounter. I did not feel a thing and as the day wore on, no bruise appeared, and no sign of anything could be seen.)

I grabbed a couple of hours kip, whilst we awaited the blood tests results, but by 11.15am, I was discharged. The doctor could find nothing at all, in the x-rays, the tests or the monitoring of my heart gave up no indication of what had caused me to pass out like I did.

So, I left the hospital, took Leigh, and the folks to the Grateful Fed for a full on meat sandwich, (to improve my red blood count of course!) and popped in to see the people at work, and then was told to come out for a beer. I was English I was told, I probably passed out ’cause I had run out of beer! Nice to know what your colleagues think of you!

A word to anyone thinking of emmigrating; make sure you have your medical insurance with you. You can never be sure when you are going to need it.

“They claim red meat is bad for you. But I never saw a sick-looking tiger.” ~Chi Chi Rodriguez
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