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Keeping you up to date……

“What’s the point of going out, we’re just going to end up back here anyway?” – Homer Simpson

It’s been a while, dear readers, news is coming in and has happened in the interim.

For all the emails I have had about how I go about funding my stress free lifestyle, I am pleased to announce, I am preparing the details, of courses you should take, programs you should join and books you should read. So come back later this week, and all shall be revealed!

As for the what the gang and me have been up to;

I’ve been at work for a whole week. I say work, it’s more of a sidestep into something new. No financial institution has been brought to its knees as yet, but the day is still young.

My hard drive has given up the ghost it seems, taken my music archive, test podcasts and 10,000 photos with it, and despite all my good intentions, I never got around to backing it up properly. A lesson to learn for me, and any one else replicating my stupidity. I did store some things on my Dad’s machine, so when it gets here in a couple of weeks, I’ll know the extent of the loss! Always back your files up. I am getting a DVD burner this week to do just that, as well as taking delivery of a mighty sleek looking iPod for music.

My friend Darren, has taken me to my first proper ice hockey match, a league one that is. The Kelowna Rockets went down, after a fine unbeaten run, 4-1 to Prince George. That’s 2 games they have lost both times I have been to watch them, so maybe I’ll let them get on with it in future, and just read up on the results in the paper…..

Leigh has been working in the vineyard, as well as our neighbours factory. We;ve been on a couple of hikes, with our friend from the vineyard, to Bear Creek, (the pics were on the hard drive. I’ll get some more when we go back), as well as Knox Mountain, and looked back on Kelowna.

Sam has been going to Scouts, or Cubs for him, and also just done a stint selling poppies for the Canadian Legion. On more than one occasion it was heard that he was using his English accent to make extra sales. Did OK at it though. He is off to Vancouver at the weekend, to see a football match, US style, and camp out with the the rest of the pack, in the stadium. Rather him than me, the temperature is going down rapidly out here….

Holly’s scooter and gymnastics skills are growing gradually and, along with me and Sam, has started aikido! She likes it, so we’ll see how that one pans out. They are taught by a tiny lady from China, who always smiles if that means anything.

Speaking of aikido, on Saturday, we were invited along with the rest of the kids aikido group, to go back to the Sensei Pat’s log cabin, up past Big White, the local mountain. The view from her balcony, as the house was directly on the side of a lake was something else. At times like those, having left it at home for the first time since we got here, you could do with a camera, I was told……

We were treated to a delicious turkey soup, done in her own Chinese fashion along with some of her home made bread rolls, and hot dogs. She had also got in a load of pumpkins for the kids to hollow out and carve their Halloween faces into.

A quick trip up to see the snow at Big White and a family snow ball fight made us realise just how cold snow can be.

And so, we made it past the 2 month mark without much ado.

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