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Into October in Kelowna….

We’re still here in October! We’re still getting our heads around the length of time we’ve been here.

Anyway, we took a trip to the local garden centre today, to start getting some colour going in the garden, as well as a new venture that Sam has come up with. he wants a stand at the Farmers Market next year, and plans on keeping the seeds from the tomatos and the peppers to start with, and selling the produce he grows. I can’t knock that and intend to get involved with him, before he makes his millions! Leigh also offered to supply organic bread, as it’s pricey our here, and she does a mean organic brownie as we discovered this week. They lasted all of 20 mins.

And don’t get me started on the organic pancakes we’ve been getting from her……I think I’m gonna need my bike out here soon, Mum and Dad, if you can get on with it! Either that, or Leigh and me have our eyes on a couple of kayaks we’ve seen….prepare for some pics of that….

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