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Hiking Up Mount Boucherie…..

A bit of manual labour on my part, getting the rocks for the drive with our neighbour, Bruce, Leigh doing some weeding, Holly doing some sort of paper round (although when the lady a couple of doors down from us, in her garden, was handed it, and discovered it was the paper from a few days ago, she wasn’t quite sure what to say. Holly just kept telling her she hadn’t, and couldn’t have received that one yet, ‘cos she hadn’t actaully been around delivering for the last couple of days, as her sister had been sick!) and Sam disappearing off up the road in our friend, Bill, the guy opposites, truck, off to the warehouse and that was our morning sorted.

With a lack of anthing serious planned today for the rest of the day, we took a hike up the mountain, which we have discovered is also a volcano, yep, you read that right.

Sad thing is, it’s a huge piece of land at the top and as is to be expected, plans are afoot to build in the reigion of 500 houses up there, expensive ones. They are going to have quite a view. We thought ours was had to beat, but there you go.

It took us a couple of hours to get up there, with our sticks, ready for anything and our bag of tea and brownies, we stopped at the top only to be joined, all be it at distance by a small group of deer. Would’ve got a pic, but in moving, they legged it!

As we came through the trees at the top of the mounntain, and to the edge of the cliff face, me and Sam couldn’t help singing the Lord of the Rings theme tune at the top of our voices! That was it, we then set off on the mission to get around the mountain top, and then we were going to climb down the side behind our house to end up in the garden! After a further hour, and Holly telling us this was “bloody stupid idea” as she fell on her bum fof the umpteenth time, we finally began our descent straight down through the rocks of the mountain face, and finally made it back to the garden as the heavens opened for only the second time, seriously since we’d been here.

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