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Ways to Earn Money Whilst Travelling (Part 1)

One problem facing us out here in Canada, is what to do to earn any money. Leigh needs a visa, leaving me to put the food on the table.

Is there a dream business? Net auctions provide one possibility. I have bought and sold a few things on EBay and others, but not to the extent that could allow me to live on! I have discovered a useful ebook, which, best of all is free. I have been involved with SiteSell for a while, using their software to build a website (Click on Sitesell to learn more), so when they offered me a free copy of Sydney Johnsons Make Your Net Auction Sell! ebook, I thought it would be worth a look. It is!

Anyway, the link to my business blog, for more info, and the link for you to get a copy of the free book is;

Free Net Auctions eBook

Let me know if it helps! Happy Auctioning!
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