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Swimming and Making New Friends

Swimming by the lake, and as usual, some Canadian strikes up a conversation about something trivial, my camera. (Yesterday it was my sunglasses!) Morry, the Viking, in his own words, has lived all over the world, and still travels it working. Now he has found Kelowna, he has found in his and his wife’s words, God’s Paradise. I’m inclined to agree. The lake is a magnet for kids, leaping from whatever they can find into the clear waters of Lake Okanagan is fun, like digging a hole at the beach.

Grown men are leaping from the pier, or the “Tower”, springing from the boards like their kids. And the life guards, friendly? What is that about? Engaging a conversation with the people they are watching? It’s odd. (Sorry if you are offended at this, but that’s what I have seen, and it’s my blog, so I’m gonna tell you what I see.) I’m sure there are good friendly life guards in the UK, I just haven’t found or seen them at the pools I have been to. Always blowing their whistles, shouting the minute anyone steps over the line. I know they are maintaining safety, I know. But they do it in such a miserable way compared to the people I have witnessed today.
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