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That’s a week gone then! We have been living the Canadian way, if you can call it that, for 7 days. We had a wobbily moment a couple of days in, when it looked like fast internet was a no go, got that sorted, the food seemed expensive, got that sorted (We were going to the wrong place! Organic food out here is bought at the market, not Safeways!), but things seem to have calmed down now, and we are begining to enjoy it again. The school that the kids are going to attend is nothing short of superb. The receptionist was about as friendly as you can get, and made us feel at home straight away. Kids are looking forward to it. The oddest thing, although it makes a lot of sense, is that they come to school each day, with 2 pairs of shoes. One for indoors one for outdoors, to keep the place clean. And it is clean, spotless! Light and airy, the kids are gonna enjoy it.

Apart from the lessons. They are a little behind for their age, in terms of what they should have learnt at their age out here. The UK seems so far behind it really is not a joke. Things I was trying to get kids to learn in maths (Math out here!) they do as routine out here. In the UK some of the ways maths is taught is apalling. The school teachers try to convinve the students that the “new” way of doing things in maths is much better, mainly due to the fact that half the time, their maths teachers were barely qualified to do so themselves and didn’t really understand it themselves (Don’t email me moaning about what I write, it’s my opinion, based on expeiernces in tutoring and having to confront some of the teachers. You are not all like that, I know, and you are the best of bad bunch!). It is without a doubt getting easier. When we left the A level results were out, and surprise surprise, best ever results! How? I showed a student of mine the paper I sat, and she was floundering to see the least. I don’t claim that the students are not working they hard. They are. Bloody hard in most cases. The amount of work dropped on them is astounding, and my hat goes off to them coping with it all. It is the system that is letting them down badly. It puts the whole education system to shame. I’ll be writing a full article on the education system soon, and putting on the website. (

I remember now one of the reasons for coming out. To give the kids a better chance. I think we may be able to do just that.

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